Starting a Single Member Delaware LLC

October 13, 2021

Below is the general game plan for getting your single-member Delaware LLC up and running. If you are planning to have more than one owner of the business, then the process becomes sufficiently more complicated and you should speak with an attorney.

  1. Pick a name for your business. You can search the Delaware database website to see what names are available.
  2. Draft the Certificate of Formation. See below to download a sample form.
  3. File the Certificate of Formation in Delaware.  We recommend using a filing agent, and specifically Platinum Filings.
  4. Draft an operating agreement and store in your personal files. See below to download a sample form.
  5. Go to the IRS website and obtain a new EIN number for your business.
  6. Open a business bank account.
  7. Use a service like SquareSpace to buy a domain, build a website, and get a unique email address.
  8. Use a service like Canva to build your digital assets, like logos and banners.